Dear Recent College Graduate

Dear Recent College Graduate:


Now that you are entering the workforce, it’s very important to make sure to stand out during your job search.  As a recruiter I come across many mistakes that recent grads make in both their resume content and their interview techniques.  Take note of some tips listed below:


1)      Unless you graduate at the top of your class, there is no need to include your GPA on your resume.  When I see a 2.4 listed as a GPA, it’s a huge deterrent.

2)      If you come across as disengaged during your phone interview, we will assume you will be a disengaged employee.  Show some enthusiasm, please.

3)      Please do not ask me about the how many hours you will be working and don’t mention “work-life-balance” during our first interview.  You are entering the workforce- expect to work hard.

4)      A quiet place is a happy place.. do not interview outside while there is traffic in the background or during your car ride.  The noise is distracting and it gives us the impression you really don’t care.

5)      Please remember that you are trying to sell me on why I should hire you.  Many times recent grads have limited to no work experience yet often walk into an interview with “what can you do for me”.  Often, you have only your degree to offer so you need to come up with some selling points to separate yourself from the other applicants.

6)      Manners go a long way.  Saying “please” and “thank you” makes a world of difference.  I find that many candidates out of school forget their manners and don’t bother thanking me for my time or the time of others.

7)      Preparation is key.  You should look up the company you are interviewing with and research them well.  The hiring manager shouldn’t have to educate you on the company’s history.  When you have done your research, you come across as much more interested in the role.  You will not be hired if you don’t seem interested.

8)      We all make mistakes.  We also understand that spell check doesn’t catch everything.  However, there is no excuse for spelling and grammatical errors on a resume.  I advise that you have a few different people read your resume prior to sending it out to help catch those mistakes.


Warm regards,

Muna Nelke


ProStaff Search LLC

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