Which format should I put my resume in (e.g. .doc, .docx, .pdf)?

You may submit your resume as a Word document that is in any of these formats “.doc” “.docx” and/or “.pdf”

Who receives my resume?

Your resume is entered into our database and is viewed by ProStaff Search recruiters. However, we do not submit your resume to any company without your permission.

Do I need to submit a cover letter?

Our job post requirements state when a cover letter needs to be submitted.

Who will contact me?

After one of our ProStaff Search recruiters has parsed you resume–and there is a position available for you–they will contact you using the telephone number you provided and/or via E-mail.

Why should I work with a ProStaff Search recruiter?

ProStaff Search’s recruiters have years of experience and work directly with hiring managers. They know exactly what type of candidate the clients need and will place you based on your qualifications, career objectives, salary, and location.

What is a contract placement?

Contract placements are hiring solutions that fill a client’s need during a specific time period. Contract placements may be as short as 2 weeks but may go beyond one year.

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