Its very important to maintain a consistent social media image when looking for a job.


Many people don’t realize that recruiters do not just look at one’s resume when considering them for a job. Recruiters look at everything…the resume, the interview, LinkedIn profile, Facebook, etc.We like to see how the candidate portrays themselves across all areas, including social media. What I have found, quite often, are inconsistencies with people’s profiles and their resumes.Dates can vary, titles vary, etc.Inconsistencies create doubt, and doubt could very likely be the reason you don’t get hired.

Here are some steps you can take to get you closer to landing that job!

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile to make sure it is not only current, but that it replicates the resume you are sending out. Make sure to double check your employment dates, titles and look for typos. And, while you are at it, please make sure your photo looks professional. Unless you are applying to a surfing position, you should not have a picture of you with a surfboard from your trip to Hawaii. Leave those personal pictures for your private social-media accounts.
  2. Google your own name. You will be surprised what comes up. By being aware of what is out there, you can stay one step ahead of the potential employer.
  3. Keep Facebook private. That is, if you want to make sure what you have on Facebook can only be viewed by your friends, make sure to ramp up your privacy settings. Also, do remember that we can still see your profile picture, so keep it clean!
  4. Have someone look over your resume to ensure it makes sense. I find that some people decide to change their titles on their resume to attract lower level positions, for fear of coming across as overqualified. I don’t support doing so. However, if you decide to “dummy-down” your titles, you need to make sure that the underlying content supports that title. That is, changing your title from manager to Administrative Assistant while all your content speaks towards your management skills will make no sense to a recruiter. Remember, it is our job to dig and find inconsistencies if they exist.

To sum it up, “The truth of the story lies in the details.” ― Paul Auster, The Brooklyn Follies

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