Networking events- The 411


Over the years I have been to my fair share of networking events; some good, some not so good.  One thing is for sure, they are only as good as you make them.  And, with each event I attend, I always find some things to be relatively the same across the board.  It’s a little like high school, with various groups of people.  I always see the “wallflowers”.  They are those people who really need to network, but are too shy to approach someone.  Next, I see the “clicks”.  Those are the groups that always run in the same circles, try to attend the events together and then spend the entire time talking amongst one another.  (Quite frankly I think it’s just an excuse for them to have a night out with free food and drink).  It is important to not fall into either one of those groups.  Through my successes, I have amassed some knowledge about trying to get the most out of each event.   Here are some tips to help you get through the process:

Tip #1

Introduce yourself to people you don’t know.  May seem like common sense to most of us, however, I always notice that people tend to hang out with those they know.  You are there to make connections, so please, tap into new people!

Tip #2

Don’t be too pushy or “salesy”.  Nobody wants to meet somebody new at a fun or interesting event and then be forced to listen to their sales pitch.  They are there to connect, not to be sold.  They understand that could happen, but make sure to nurture the relationship before going in for the kill.

Tip #3

Try to figure out something to talk about that takes someone’s guard down…an ice breaker.  Complement the individual on their shoes, talk about the weather, or talk about how uncomfortable you are these types of events and how great it is to meet nice people.


SMILE!  Nobody wants to talk to someone who appears grumpy.  If you appear approachable you will be approached.  Or, fake it until you make it!


Bring 50 business cards.  There is nothing worse than meeting someone new and they tell you that they have run out of cards.  In my world, that is a potential lost opportunity!


After all is said and done, the most important tip of all is the FOLLOW-UP with those you meet.   Make sure they know that you enjoyed meeting them and look forward to staying in touch.  Even if you just send a nice email or lob a quick phone call, you will give that person a reason to remember you.  Good luck!!!

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