Resume writing- 101

Do you ever wonder why you don’t get very many responses after sending out your resume over and over again?

Well, its probably your resume.  As recruiters, we have seen it all… the good, the bad, and the ugly!!  It  could be the content of your resume, it could be the format of your resume, or, it could be what you DIDNT include in your resume.

Here are 5 basic tips that are very important when writing your resume:

1) If you are going to include an objective on your resume, make sure it is relevant to the position you are applying for.  This is the biggest mistake I see continuously on a resume.  Many forget to edit their resumes to the job that they are applying to.

2) Spelling and grammar!  We all make mistakes, and sometimes our spellcheck doesn’t catch them.  Make certain to have someone else review your resume before sending it out.  Two sets of eyes are better than one!

3) We are looking for a resume, not a dissertation!  Make sure to streamline your resume.  We don’t need to read about every single task you did at the job.  Just focus on the most important items.   And, you really only need to go back 10 years on your resume.  If your resume is more than a couple of pages, chances are it will not be read!

4) Remember that you are one of possibly hundreds of candidates applying to a job.  What will make you stand out?  Always write your resume in terms of MSA: Made, Saved, and Achieved.  Potential employers want to know what you could do for them.  So, include any money you made for the company, any ways you streamlined processes or negotiated your way to saving the company money, and any achievements you had at your former employers.

5) Keep the resume visually simple!  Sometimes people think that they need to hire someone to create a fancy resume.  This is not the case.  Make sure to avoid graphics that are visually distracting and keep the font simple!  The easier to read, the more chances your resume will actually get read!

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